Friday, 24 August 2012

Body Image

Naturism is meant to be about the freedom and relaxation being without clothes brings....I'm forever reading and being told that it's not about having a great body, nor wanting to look at naked bodies....So why is that soo many people, mostly men collect naked pictures of nude women who are far removed from the overweight, not so young women like myself? In poses/photos that are more glamour than natural naturist pictures. If it's not about looking at nude people why do it?
It's taken a long time for me to put my hang ups about my own self image behind me and this kind of thing puts me almost back to square one and makes me wonder if naturism is all it's cracked up to be. I'm sure I will continue to practice the lifestyle because I love how relaxed it makes me feel, but I believe that alot of women are made to feel inferior because of these images that men like so much and are put off the whole idea of naturism.

Update..6 years later!! Over the past 6 years, I've gained weight and more recently lost it again, but still being naked causes me issues.. Why? Perhaps the obsession of my partner in embracing the whole naked thing, not only by practising it but by constantly flaunting photos of himself naked on social media and by following several young, attractive, naked women who claim to be naturist but seem to be more like models as many of the poses are provocative or erotic in nature. No matter how often I say how much this upsets me and makes me depressed about my own body image, nothing changes. I'm obviously the one with the problem it seems as I'm often told I'm being ridiculous but how the hell is one meant to be accepting of one's own imperfections when the person you love feels the need to follow perceived perfection

Friday, 23 March 2012

The sun has finally arrived!!!

Today it seems as though spring has finally sprung.....the sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was actully very warm, especially considering we're still in March.  We took the opportunity to make the most of the weather with a trip to our local naturist beach......St Osyth....okay it's not the best beach in the world but it's practically on our   The sun shone the whole time we were there, and the clouds didn't make an appearance at all, the only downside was the seabreeze which made it feel a little chilly at times and the usual naturist beach downsides, the meerkats and men sporting rather obvious signs of arousal.....but they kept away from us so all was good!!!!   I do wonder though, what some people go to naturist beaches for...not for the same reasons as most of us it seems!!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Tattoos and Piercings among naturists

Still a contentious issue among some naturists, especially those of a certain generation.  in some circles it's still seen as something to be frowned upon, especially the issue of piercings on the more intimate body parts.
It wasn't that long ago that you could have been drummed out of a naturist club for having a tattoo or a piercing, now it seems to be much more widely accepted. With almost every professional footballer, model or film star seeming to sport a tattoo, or multitude of tattoos, it is likely that tattooing among the public will be as common as it used to be among sailors in the past, and why not??
Tattoos, or piercings are purely a form of expressionism, the same as a 'textile'  choosing to wear a particular type of fashion.  People argue that if you're tattooed or pierced you're not truly naked...........My answer to this is 'Poppycock'.   Does that mean that someone with a birthmark (of which I have a large one), a form of skin pigmentation, which is all a tattoo is, isn't naked either....or someone wearing glasses or a wristwatch isn't truely a naturist because they have a foreign object adorning their body.  It's about time all clubs abandoned this stupid ruling that piercings below the neck or excessive tattoos mean you can't belong.  Times change, attitudes change and surely naturism is about accepting everyone, no matter what their age, colour, body size or indeed body adornments are.

On a personal level I have two tattoos, and would love to have more, and in my experience as a naturist so far I have received no negative comments at any club, event or campsite I've visited.  Indeed in some clubs/campsites we have seen people sporting not only a variety of tattoos but also piercings of in areas other than the ears or nose and no one seems to bat an eyelid.  Just a shame not all clubs have the same attitude.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Born to Bare ?

There are alot of taboos in life, nudity being one of them.  Until last spring I would have said it was taboo for me too.  Nudity was always seen as something to be ashamed of unless you had the 'perfect body' or something to keep behind closed doors, only for your partner to see.  This changed for me when I met the man who changed my life, he confided in me about how he used to visit the occasional naturist beach in his past or how when the sun was shining he liked to get naked in the garden, and although not shocked by this I was somewhat put off by the idea of trying it myself.
After many discussions on the subject I was persuaded to visit our local naturist beach, St Osyth last June, and nervously stripped off on our arrival....and to be honest I've not looked back, it felt perfectly normal and natural........Why??  Because it is, that's why.  Nudity is not sexual as we are brought up believing, it's the way we were born and the most natural and comfortable thing in the world.

Since that first beach visit we have since enjoyed many sunny days relaxing at the beach, or camping at naturist camp sites throughout the summer, and even joined BN (British Naturism) and a local Naturist club. The winter drew in though and it was a struggle to find anywhere to go or something to do where we could relax in a clothes free environment.  That was until we visited the British Naturism Alton Towers weekend in November, a whole weekend clothes free, with a fantastic waterpark to keep adults and kids alike entertained.

In the last couple of weeks we've been lucky enough to benefit from some mild and sunny weather, even though it's February, and decided to start trying to walk off some of the winter excesses of too much booze and food, and have enjoyed a couple of lovely country walks in the Essex countryside, taking the opportunity to feel the sun and cool breeze on bare flesh, it's a feeling hard to describe, you really do have to experience it for yourself.   I'd say to anyone who feels nudity is something to hide, try it, you'll never know just how enjoyable it is until you do.  It's nothing to be ashamed of, and NO you don't have to look like Kate Moss or Cindy Crawford to do it either!!!